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Automatic Gas Fire Protection Systems
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Design support

Because each site has its own challenges, regulations and issues, Extinctium’s technical team can support you…


Extinctium’s plant contains a large stock of gases and multiple charging stations, allowing us to refill your tanks…

Collection & dismantling

Extinctium can collect, store and destroy your tanks of extinguishing agent at end of life, in accordance with the ministerial…


Our business requires specialized technical and regulatory knowledge. In order for you to acquire that knowledge, Extinctium offers a variety of training courses, ranging from design to maintenance of an extinguishing system, and including hands-on work and demonstrations.


Do you have plans to expand or migrate an existing automatic gas fire extinguishing system? Extinctium conducts audits to determine the relevance of adding additional equipment to your system or the need to replace it completely.

Periodic verifications

Fitted with a test bench which goes up to 450 bars, Extinctium can re-test any type of gas fire extinguishing tank. Each verification includes the internal and external inspection of the equipment and its accessories, as well as pressurization. After testing, an official certificate will be delivered to you. To guarantee the continuous protection of […]

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Company network of fire safety experts